I noticed that most of the time a day, the sun was shining against part of the wall inside of my porch. And i was wondering if it is possible to use this energy to my advantage. I ordered some small solar panels at an online store. (18v, 140mA)

It will be used to charge batteries - charge portable devices such as smart phones, tablets, etc...

What's so special about this solar panel? If you want to understand how things work (like a solar panel) you should try and make it yourself.

Project update

16 march 2014 ~  finished the aluminum frame.

aluminum frame for indoor solar project

27 august 2014 ~  putting it all together.

wired solar cells

solar1 4

solar1 5
Recycling wires - these where original from a computer power supply.
solar1 6

solar1 7

7 september 2014 ~  electrical en testing.

solar1 8
Found this nice device for just €3,5 giving an good stabilized 5V output on 2 USB connectors.
solar1 9
Got one cellphone charged without any sunshine.
solar1 10
A cellphone and a smartphone together when the sun was shining.
solar1 11

Project status

Finishing up the design so it can be used indoors on a wall or window.

What's next?

It was a nice small project that made me learn a lot about solarpanels, wiring and more. 

So next time we are going bigger. More amps, more amps and more amps. I have my eyes on a couple of solarpanels: 21W flexible and 50W very affordable panels waiting for a project. Maybe an off the grid project that I wanted to do for a long time now. 

Stay tuned... 

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