A man with a mission.

"Life can be so simple, yet in cource of life you come across many obstacles that seem to be hard to solve, but mostly have a simple solution". I found this to be true in many of my daily tasks and quests.

So, why make life harder than it already is, just keep it simple. And once in a while, listen to the teacher.



  • "The real" alternative energy

    Not your average solar panel or wind mill but things like: microgeneration, energy harvesting, overunity, earth batteries etc... "Impossible" you say! Those who never try ... never fail. Those who never try should not complain about those who do.

  • Lucide dreaming

    You can make your dreams come true. Using your dreams to your advantage. "You are kidding, right?" - No. 

By the way, my name is Edwin Stas - born in 1970. And my mission is ... if i would tell you, i have to kill you ;-)


  • Development - from start to finish

    No reason to invent the wheel again. But in some cases, the wheel needs some fine-tuning. Web design, automation, small tools that make your live easy, web/mobile app development, etc...

  • Consulting - R&R - great things happen when you put your minds together

    You are the expert. And when putting our minds together, we can solve almost any problem. Consulting doesn't stop with just talking. Use my knowledge to your advantage.

  • Artwork - a different approach

    3D modeling & rendering, 2D & 3D animation, vectorization, and many other techniques put together.

  • Keep IT green

    Disassembling any hardware from device to it's original material. What do I do with all this material?  For example: PCB's can be used for artwork, many parts I use for our alternative projects, metals and plastics are recycled by certified companies. I keep some materials such as plastics for molding and crafting.

Latest from my blog

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Everywhere in the world you can find great running events. In my “Dead Man Running” adventure, several of these runs are recorded using a GoPro 6.
Action camera vs running ~ 08/28/2017
While running I came across the most beautiful places. Wouldn't it be nice if we could record our performances so you could watch them again later.
Dead man running - part 1 ~ 12/31/2018
This story is about me and my struggle to survive. I hope that my story will encourage others to pick up their lives as well.

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