There has to be a first interview, so why not start with explaining how this works. At the bottom of this interview you can find the form that you can use to start a topic.

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So many questions by so many people. Not alway the same question, but many times about the same topic. Instead of answering the same things over and over again, it is time to share the answers with the world.
Is the world waiting for this to happen?
No, absolutely not, but the world does not have to read all thats has been written. If i’m not mistaking, you are all free to read and follow what you like. It would be a mistake if you should follow someone or something that you have no interest in whatsoever. Think about that!.
So i have a question. What happens after i have entered my question on the website form?
It’s not just one question, one answer. The interview is about a specific topic where you can ask questions and i will give answers. After you registered a topic for us to discus, I will receive a mail with your first question. If the topic is approved, you will get my responses by mail. So it is important that you enter your e-mail address correctly. The mail will have an unique ID. This ID will be important for further discussions. The interview will be by reply mail. Once you are satisfied with all answers, the interview can be published online (only if you give your ok)
Are all topics allowed or are there topics that you would rather not discuss?
The people that know me, know that i do not hold back on any topic. But if you follow what is going on in the world, than you would know that there is something that is called freedom of speech and freedom of expression. There should be freedom of speech but sadly enough it is just a combination of words. It is my belief that freedom of speech is gone for some topics and i’m not willing to die for freedom of speech. So the answer is: No, not all topic will be discussed and i’m going to make it very simple for myself, all topics that have a negative effect on my life will be banned from conversation.
Is that the reason that you do not allow comments on any of the questions and answers. Isn’t it common in this social world to let people comment if they feel like it?
See no reason why. The world is full of people who have nothing better to do than give negative comments on any topic that they come across. You can see this a lot on Youtube and news sites. In Belgium some of the news sites have turned off commenting in the beginning of 2017 just for this reason. The world could be a better place if all negative people would just vanish from your life. They are not welcome in my life anymore.
What happens with all data that i enter in the contact form? Is my privacy in danger ;-)
All data that you enter is mailed to my e-mail address. Nothing is kept in any database. That’s the reason why the interview is by mail only. When the interview is over, the conversation is copy/paste into the website. Is your privacy in danger? Well ... do you trust Google, Facebook,...
If i choose to keep the interview private, can i be sure that it will not end up online?
You can be sure. I give you my word.


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