Like many others, i'm a big fan of the GTA games, and from time to time i like to walk in the virtual wonder world of GTA4. But this time i was not 7 year old daughter was watching me and she was very interested in the game. Although the game is rated 18+ it can also be played by a 7 year old girl. The rules of the game will slightly differ.

 gta4 girl 1

It all started during a helicopter flight. For fun i turned the controls over to my daughter thinking she would crash instantly. But i was completely wrong. After some minutes of explaining how she could fly, she surprised me by flying the heli like a pro. Flying from place to place, landing in parks and on rooftops.

So we took it a step further.

gta4 girl 2

Unlike myself, who plays GTA games like it is meant to be played - with pure violence and frustration, my 7 year old daughter took a different approach. If you come across a red light, you should stop and when it turns green, you can walk. She likes to swim in the water, walk at the beach and talk to people (not that they talk back, but she doesn't care). She likes to jump over walls (even if the door or gate is like 1 meter away). She likes to watch the sun rise in the morning. WOW did you see that plane...

Yes she's really into the virtual world thing and sometimes when she accidentally bumps into a person and he/she wants to start a fight, she will call me and i will fix it. (thank you for letting me play to)

This is like a whole new father - daughter experience. But at the end i can't keep wondering - she was playing my game on my computer, making GTA4 look like Barbie was ruling the world. What is wrong with this picture? Maybe Rockstargames should consider using the engine for the game in a more child friendly manner. Could be a big hit! Who knows.

I'm looking forward for GTA5 - or should i say: WE are looking forward....

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