A while ago, i got my hands on some nice solenoids. Many said that is impossible or very hard to disassemble this device. Well...they where all wrong. 

Why would you even bother? What is so great about solenoids anyway? I'm not going to explane what a solenoid is. So for those interested: check out wiki for more info about a wiki icon solenoid. I use solenoids in many different projects leaving the device as is or using parts of it. Lets see which parts can be interested.

Solenoid 002Solenoid 004Solenoid 003Solenoid 005Solenoid 006Solenoid 007Solenoid 008Solenoid 009Solenoid 010Solenoid 011Solenoid 012Solenoid 013Solenoid 014Solenoid 015Solenoid 016Solenoid 017Solenoid 018Solenoid 019Solenoid 020Solenoid 021Solenoid 023

Beside the solenoid wire, which is great for all coil projects, other parts could be used al well. Keep checking out this blog.

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