My netbook was out of date.  I wasn't using it anymore because it got slow and it still had Windows XP installed. I would advise all of you who still have Windows XP to stop using it because it is not supported anymore.

So I was looking for a possible alternative operating system for this netbook. First in mind was Linux, but because I’m not a big fan of the current Linux distributions, I did some tests with: ReactOS, Chromium OS and Android. 

Why chose Android? Since I've been working with Android, I became a big fan of Google's cloud tools like: Drive, Docs, Hangout and many more. Most of the programs I’m working with have Android versions which I can use on my tablet and now on my netbook.
At the end - what do you get? A netbook with an Android operating system you can use for many purposes. It's fast enough, has 80Gb storage and you have a keyboard. No touchscreen on this old device, but that doesn't matter so much. System startup takes about 40 seconds which is high, but most common tablets take even longer. You could make this go faster if you lose the hard drive and replace it with a Solid state disk.

Here are some pictures I took during the installation.

So instead of throwing my netbook away or sending it to the attic, I found a new life for it. You should consider this for all your old devices before buying a new one. Most people I know only use it for checking their e-mail, surfing the web and social networking.

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